Creating Environmental Recovery


Doctors have the hippocratic oath - ‘first do no harm’ here at Atma we hold ourselves to a higher bar; 

We only run trips if they have a positive impact on the community they visit and the environment as a whole.

We want to use the huge potential of tourism to bring about environmental recovery. This is ultimately achieved in three ways; our internal policies, how we train external staff and the behaviour we ask for from our travellers. In accordance with the UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme) Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in the Tourism Sector’s practices we work towards this by first eliminating any negative environmental practice that can be removed. If something cannot be eliminated then we seek to reduce its use and if it is possible we will substitute harmful activities with less harmful ones. Finally, if something cannot be reasonably eliminated, reduced or substituted we look to offset the harm with carbon credits.

To ensure we are achieving a positive impact on the environment we purchase more offsets than are necessary. We also work with local environmental regeneration projects where possible.

The mission to create a positive environmental impact is not a destination rather a constantly improving journey which is why we are always happy to hear about potential improvements.