Promote Mutual Understanding


As we travel, we are placing ourselves in situations that force us outside of our comfort zones. We are pushed to think in new ways and acknowledge other cultures. This experience, living someone else’s way of life, alters our way of thinking. Whether or not we recognize that its happening, our thought processes are being broadened.

Why is this kind of experience important?

Why do we need this?


Studies are increasingly showing a correlation between travel and peace.

Countries that travel among each other are less likely to engage in aggression or warfare. This concept, “peace through tourism”, was introduced by Louis D’Amore. A lack of war is a result from “a state of tranquility within individuals, among people and nations, and between people and nature.”

The concept of “peace through tourism” isn’t a new category of tourism. Rather, it’s an idea that is meant to shift tourism from harmful practices to those that do not infringe on the place of travel. Peace through tourism can be achieved through ecotourism and the protection of other cultures. We can create the sense of “tranquility within individuals, among people and nations” through Ecotourism.


Atma strives to follow Article One of the United Nations World Tourism Organization Code of Ethics.

Article One addresses tourism, mutual understanding, and respect between peoples and societies. Travelling in harmony with the laws, customs, and traditions of a region is important when facilitating a mutually respectful relationship. This relationship is not solely founded through travellers respecting the locations that they travel to, but also through the locals respecting the foreigners entering their home country.

Becoming familiar with a region before travelling helps to ease the transition between cultures. By beginning to understand the laws and cultures of a location, it allows us to start the process of thinking differently. This initiates the opening of our minds to a new environment. While these practices may initially seem extremely different than your own, Atma strives to bring together different ways of thinking.